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add sci-fi/fantasy fans
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June 2014
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Chicken of the sea [userpic]

Name: Carol
Age: 23
Favorite music: Rock, 90s latin-Bronx freestyle, j-rock, goth metal, new age, new wave, 80s music, 90s pop, 90s grunge, electronica, techno, house, dubb-stepp, merengue, some indie-rock, industrial, trance, jazz, disco.
Favorite book (or series): Harry Potter, Crank, Vampire Hunter D.
How a close friend would describe you in one sentence: A crazy, social, comfortably awkward, compassionate person.
Are you more a sci-fi or fantasy person? I lean more towards scifi. But I do like fantasy.
Do you also write sci-fi/fantasy? I dabble in both.
Why are you attracted to the genre? Because it's amazingly connected to science and with fantasy, I have a fascination with folklore.
Other than reading (of course), what do you like to do? Write, Blog, watch anime and read comic books, dance, go out and explore new places, macabre things, watch medical and criminology documentaries, make-up and take care of animals.
Do you have a website or something else we should check out?