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addme_fantasy's Journal

add sci-fi/fantasy fans
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This is a simple community with one goal: to allow sci-fi/fantasy fans to find and friend each other.

Please post about yourself, telling whatever you like. Do include your age and what you love about sci-fi/fantasy; maybe your favorite author or favorite book. The post doesn't have to be only about sci-fi/fantasy, though: give us an idea of your personality, your likes and dislikes. If you include a photo, please put it behind an lj-cut. If you're not sure what to write, you can use this:

Favorite music:
Favorite book (or series):
How a close friend would describe you in one sentence:
Are you more a sci-fi or fantasy person?
Do you also write sci-fi/fantasy?
Why are you attracted to the genre?
Other than reading (of course), what do you like to do?
Do you have a website or something else we should check out?

(you can copy and paste this and add your answers)

I didn't think it would be necessary, but apparently it is:
RULE: If you don't like someone else's post and don't want to friend them, simply don't comment. Insults will not be tolerated. After two mild offenses or one strong offense, you will be banned.

You may post your "add me" post once a week; just be sensible and don't flood us with the same post.
Want more? I've listed the other good sci-fi/fantasy communities with discriptions here (the number rates how active they are):
__fantasynovel -- for discussing fantasy creatures and cultures, both your own and other authors'. (4)
bookwyrmmes -- dedicated to reviews and recommendations of sci-fi/fantasy novels. (4)
epicfantasy -- rant or ask a question about fantasy books. (4)
fantasywithbite -- non-tolkeinish fantasy; including surrealism and alternate history. (4)
sfandf_writers -- for writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror to talk about their craft. (4)
fantasyfans -- discuss fantasy books, authors, etc. (3)
enchanted_elms -- for discussion of fantasy, mythology, philosophy, and the paranormal. (2)
fantasy_scifi -- for sharing fantasy and sci-fi artwork. (2)
fantasywriters -- for sharing your own fantasy writing. (2)
mermaid_lagoon -- for discussing mermaids. (2)
worldmaking -- for roleplaying gamers or writers of fantasy to discuss the worlds they've created. (2)
worldswithin -- for writers who love their creations and want to talk about their characters or worlds. (2)
worldbuilding -- for writers of fantasy to discuss the worlds they've created. (1)
mythicals -- discuss any kind of mythical creature. (1)
elves -- to talk about anything elven. (1)

(created and moderated by belenen -- contact me by dropping a comment in my journal or emailing my livejournal email address.)